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What You Will Learn in the Course:

It all starts with VISION

Before we teach our most impactful tools for creating breakthroughs in your life, we will first work on your life's vision. We will do this by utilizing one of the most powerful NLP tools we know. If you already know what you want your life to be about, this tool will help you clarify the most productive steps to get you there. And if you're not yet certain about your vision, this tool alone can be absolutely life changing.

Tools for Overcoming Obstacles

Have you ever pictured the challenges before you as insurmountable? Ironically, just focusing on the magnitude of your challenges can make them grow harder. But you can't just ignore them either. In this course, we'll teach you the tools for shrinking your obstacles down to size, so that they no longer block your way forward.

Accessing Inner Resources

Have you ever met anyone fully actualizing their potential? Neither have we. The truth is, each of us has so much power within us, it's almost scary what we can accomplish. But if that's the case, why do we often fall short of our own hopes? In this course, we'll teach you to access powerful inner resources and use them to grow your impact.

The Mechanics of Manifestation

For anyone who's seen The Secret, you might think that just dwelling on your goals is sufficient to make them come about. In actuality, there's clear science behind manifesting your goals. You'll not only learn the tools to achieving your goals, more importantly, you'll apply them. Dave and Chana will coach you through the goal setting process, helping you build powerful goals, implement the steps to move them forward, and continually improve upon the steps until your goals are within your grasp.

The Power of Community

In school, if someone else helped you find the answer, it was called cheating. In life, if you try to go it alone, you're cheating yourself. Too often, we learn through our own trial and error. When we learn from the successes and mistakes of others, we can put turbo boosters on our learning speed.

In the course, we will learn the tools for effective Mastermind work, and each of us will utilize the power of Mastermind groups to propel ourselves forward.

What You Will Get When You Sign Up:

  • Six weekly 2-hour classes at 12pm EST (7pm Israel Time, 5pm UK time) where we'll teach our best self actualization techniques and give you exercises to integrate them. We introduce a whole slew of tools not in The Size of Your Dreams as well as helping you apply the best of what we teach in the book. ($997 value) 
  • Access to the Dream, Design, Manifest private Facebook group where you'll be able to ask questions, get support, and share successes with others in the course. ($120 value)
  •  Our 10x Guarantee: If you don't receive at least 10 times the value of the course, you'll get to keep the materials and we'll refund your tuition, no questions asked!
  • An insanely affordable tuition!!
  • You'll learn best with a study buddy. We've made it easy for you to Add a Buddy and get a special bonus!


Chana Mason works with clients and students around the world, guiding them to clarify a vision for their lives, unravel the thought patterns that hold them back, and giving them the tools and support to actualize their dreams. She cuts to the chase with a big heart and sees the best in you.

Chana has studied the techniques of masters such as Byron Katie, Barry Neil Kaufman, and Tony Robbins, and has developed her own set of advanced tools that help her clients get directly to the heart of the matter. She is also the author of Hold That Thought, which teaches how to build Clarity, peace, and joy by gaining mastery over your thinking; and The Cash Machine, a tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence.


Dave Mason's motto is Learn, Grow, Teach. His curiosity drives him to discover new understandings of the world, his works to apply them to himself, and then writes novels to teach them to others. His journeys have taken him through over twenty countries and into professions as varied as environmental litigation, e-commerce, and being an Orthodox Rabbi.

Dave spends half of each day exploring the ancient wisdom in the Jewish tradition and writing his books, and the other half devoted to family and his business ventures. He is also the author of The Age of Prophecy Series of biblical fiction and The Cash Machine, a tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence.


"You will not be disappointed!"

"I love this course! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to break out and open up themselves to what's possible for them. I love the group energy. You will not be disappointed." 


"It is an honor to be with them and learn from them."

"It is apparent when working with Dave and Chana that they aren't just teaching content, they actually live the material and are passing on tools that they really use.

As individuals and a couple they are always working towards actualizing their own dreams and part of their dreams involve empowering others."


"The Masons are delightfully fun, intuitively connected to each other and the class as a whole."

They're full of knowledge and real tools ... taught in a fun, connecting and very relatable way. They both share their ... life experiences throughout the classes, along with the very captivating books they've authored together to support their teachings. They are ... so very kind and compassionate as they guide each person to discover their fullest potential.

I'm finding that reading the book simultaneously with the class is super helpful and has definitely made all the dots connect.


"Anything you want to achieve, you will; it's really that simple."

"There is no better method for consistent goal setting and goal hitting than as outlined in The Size of Your Dreams.

Chana and Dave Mason are a dynamic duo who have built a "who would have thought it'd be so simple" system that delivers radical results."


"Chana and Dave have the gift of combining both intuition with practicality..."

Chana and Dave have the gift of combining both intuition with practicality when it comes to coaching.
They have a knack for reading people extremely well, and that allows them to guide the person and offer practical tools of value.

Not to mention they are super cool and easy to open up to.


"They've gifted us time and again with wise counsel that has shaped our lives and our business."

"The Masons are true visionaries. A powerful mix of both practical and imaginative thinking; both grounding and wildly expansive. When I look back at the decisive moments in my personal and professional development I can see the caring signature of the Masons written on much of it. They are living catalysts for growth."


"I only needed to meet with Chana and Dave for one session, but that one session was life-changing."

"Chana is an energetic and tuned-in listener. Dave's quiet presence and discerning insight offered a perspective that spoke to my heart.

Chana enabled me to "see" the thoughts I was telling myself and where they were coming from. I found clarity and gained the insight needed to change my way of thinking. I wish team Mason blessings and many thanks."


"Chana and Dave work tightly together to help you ... administer a proper tuneup."

"Chana and Dave work tightly together to help you develop tools and use those that you already have, to check in with yourself and administer a proper tuneup.

You will work through the challenge space with Chana and understand that you've got a capable and confident ally who can direct your towards real change."


"Chana and Dave are a pleasure to dialogue and learn with."

My husband and I have sent our loved ones their way for consultation, and we are very discerning.

They are wonderful people.

Dr. Ronit Ziv-Kreger

"They have a unique ability to point out exactly what is holding you back from pursuing your dreams."

Chana and Dave clearly lay out a path for how these obstacles can be overcome and demonstrate the many options available to you in order to open the door to finding true fulfillment in life.




"Chana knows just the right questions to ask ..."

"I am continually blown away by her ability to be warm and welcoming, practical, and encouraging all at the same time. Chana knows just the right questions to ask to help me see an issue clearly. I have been inspired by her workshops, her books, her Shabbat table, and many deep one-on-one conversations. "


"I'm living my dream 

"Thank you for the life coaching sessions!! I'm living my dream life. I can tell every day that I have been strengthened and found a connection to some deep love from working with you!"


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