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In our first webinar, we explained how to use Outcome Cards to reach specific goals. But what if you don't have a specific goal? For instance, both of us are committed to continually grow our physical health, our emotional health, and our spiritual health. How do I take a goal like, "I want to continually grow in my spiritual health" and give it a clear end date, which all Outcome Cards must have?

The answer is, you don't. As we teach in The Size of Your Dreams, this type of goal requires a slightly different strategy. Join us for this FREE webinar to learn a tool for growing in any area of your life.

Note: You don't need to have seen the first webinar to participate in the 2nd. But if you do want to catch the first one, you can still catch the replay here.

Your hosts:

Dave Mason, Author,

The Size of Your Dreams

Chana Mason, Vitality Coach

Author, The Size of Your Dreams

They have a unique ability to point out exactly what is holding you back from pursuing your dreams."


I only needed to meet with Chana and Dave for one session, but that one session was life-changing."


What areas of your life do you want to grow in?

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